TDS Customer Routing Policies

Peering Information

TDS Telecommunications Corp. (TDS©) is the seventh largest telecom provider in the U.S. For more than 40 years, the company has been connecting people with high-speed Internet, phone, and TV entertainment services in hundreds of rural, suburban, and metropolitan communities across 31 states. Today, TDS has nearly 1 million customer connections in service.

TDS is host to Oregon State University's Open Source Lab mirrors sites.

TDS Telecom ASN 4181
IPv4 Prefixes 3000, recommend max-prefix of at least 3500
IPv6 Prefixes 250, recommend max-prefix of at least 500


TDS has an open peering policy. Anyone wishing to peer with TDS at a common location should contact

Peering partners are expected to

TDS reserves the right to terminate peering relations at any time.

Peering Locations

TDS Telecom peers as AS4181 at all locations

City Peering Exchange IPv4 peering address IPv6 peering address
Ashburn, VA Equinix Ashburn 2001:504:0:2::4181:1
Atlanta, GA Telx Atlanta 2001:478:132::28
Chicago, IL Equinix Chicago 2001:504:0:4::4181:1
Denver, CO CoreSite Any2 2605:6c00:303:303::32
Los Angeles, CA CoreSite Any2 2001:504:13::140
Madison, WI MadIX 2607:f388:0:2200::7
Minneapolis, MN MICE 2001:504:27::1055:0:1
St. George, UT SUPRnet 2001:504:60::1055
Seattle, WA SIX 2001:504:16::1055

Looking Glass

TDS Telecom provides a Looking Glass to verify routing. You may connect to to view route information and perform diagnostics from AS4181.

Contact Information

Customers wishing to contact TDS for support of their existing service should use the Help and Support site for making these reports.

Requests for new service or sales inquires should be directed to your local salesperson. Contact TDS Business for local salesperson contact information.

The following contacts may be used when contacting TDS for the noted uses

Contact Use Reports of network abuse DNS Administration
1-888-790-1216 24/7 NOC-NMO
+1-608-664-4200 24/7 NOC-NMO IP Network Operations Public and private peering requests; peering related maintenance notices